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Uncategorized June 26, 2023

The WhatsApp Of Central Nervous System

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The WhatsApp Of Central Nervous System. Your body performs a lot of functions regularly, internal and external. 

   The nervous system has a major role in that and neurons which we call whatsapp of the central nervous system.

 Neurons help in communication, sending and receiving signals, and controlling your body functions.

 Ever wonder how you react to certain things, the way you react, your expressions 

All of this is done by neurons.


Neurons- The WhatsApp Of Central Nervous System

   Neurons are the special cells that play a very interesting role in communication and the processing of information in your body.

  But the Whatsapp of the central nervous system!

       What is this thing? How can you relate to that?

  You have a messaging platform like Whatsapp where you can communicate with your friends, and exchange information regardless of their location.

        Now if you talk about neurons they also help in communication, exchanging information in your body.

       This is how the analogy is insane.


    Neurons transmit and process all the information in electric signal form and this is because neurons have a very special structure that allows them to do all this.

Cell body

     This part plays a very big role in regulating the metabolism of a cell. The cell body has a nucleus and all the other important organelles which let the neuron function properly. 


          Dendrites are responsible to receive the signals and send them to the cell body. They have a very unique branch-like structure that starts from the cell body.   

      They are covered with numerous synapses where the communication between neurons happens.


           Moving to the third part Axon, which is covered by a fatty insulating substance, takes the electrical signals away from the cell body and brings them to muscles, glands, or neurons. It is long in length extending from the cell body.

Myelin Sheath And Schwann Cells

     So What are Myelin Sheath and Schwann cells?

      Let’s start with Myelin Sheath.

  Myelin sheath: 

                 It works as an electrical insulator enabling rapid nerve impulse conduction along the axon. Myelin sheath has layers called myelin which are made of fatty substances. It is a covering that protects, surrounds, and insulates the axon.

         Schwann cells:

                       Schwann cells produce and maintain myelin sheath.  

              They are found in the peripheral nervous system. Schwann cells form several layers of myelin by wrapping around a part of the axon.

     Wanna know what their functions are?

Well, you will be shocked to know how they work so efficiently.

       Schwann cells wrap their cell membranes in a spiral way around the axon, creating a myelin sheath. 

      During this process it leaves small gaps between adjacent Schwann cells called nodes of Ranvier.

       Schwann cells create myelin sheaths which work as an insulator preventing the loss of electrical signals. They increase the signal transmission speed. You can call this process saltatory conduction. 

        Schwann cells are responsible for maintaining the metabolism in the axon they ensheath.

    They provide important nutrients and oxygen to the axon, they maintain its health and function.

   The interesting part is that myelin sheaths are also found in the Central nervous system. 

    They are formed by different types of glial cells called oligodendrocytes.

    But it is very necessary to know that the roles played by myelin sheath and Schwann cells in PNS are different from CNS.

Types Of Neurons

    Neurons have various functions but do you know they have some types also? 

   Wondering how many types and what are their functions?

   Well, neurons have various types here are the main ones. 

  Sensory neurons:

                    All the sensory organs’ information from sensory receptors is transmitted to the central nervous system. These help you sense the surrounding and internal body condition.

  Motor neurons:

                  The transmission of signals from the central nervous system to muscles, organs, and glands is done by motor neurons. They allow voluntary and involuntary movements. 


                Interneurons work as connectors and enable the communication between sensory and motor neurons. They process the information that they get from sensory neurons and give appropriate signals to motor neurons allowing proper responses.

 Pyramidal neurons:

                 Pyramidal neurons have a cell body that appears in a pyramid shape having long axons. They are the outer layer of the brain found in the cerebral cortex. 

     They are engaged in higher cognitive functions like learning, memory, and making a decision. 

 Purkinje neurons:

                  They are responsible for motor coordination and balance. These are specific kinds of interneurons existing in the cerebellum.

   They have a unique branching dendritic tree gaining inputs from neurons.

Motor neurons:

               This is responsible for controlling muscular contractions, connecting the central nervous system to the muscles. 

  Motor neurons have two types :

 Somatic and autonomic motor neurons.

 Somatic motor neurons are responsible for controlling muscle movements which are voluntary.

While involuntary functions are regulated by autonomic motor neurons.

That’s  A Wrap, Folks

 The WhatsApp Of Central Nervous System. Neurons exist in your nervous system and play major roles in your body. Neurons have diverse types and for sure, all those types have several functions. 

All of them are in various shapes performing functions you have no idea about. 

Neurons have a very special structure that helps in communication, sending signals to different parts of the body. 

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