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Uncategorized July 22, 2023

Social Behavior

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Social Behavior. Many species f insects or most vertebrates show a variety of hostile or friendly behavioral activities associated with a number of individuals living together.

The cooperation that results in social behavior is adaptive.

It increases efficiency and effectiveness over the other species.

Hostile And Helpful Intraspecific Interaction

Hostile interaction is seen among bees when the old worker bee is unable to perform its functions other worker bees kill it.

On the other hand, helpful interaction is when different bees have different duties to perform.

Such as worker bees collect nectar and transform it into honey.

Drones fertilize eggs.

And the queen bee lays eggs.

Animal Society 

Organisms that live in organized groups are said to be living in societies. 

A society is where a group of species interact with each other and influence each other’s behavior in different ways.

A hive of bees or a school of fishes are examples of society.

Characteristics of a well-organized society include division of labor, age group, or castes.


Social Behavior. Aggregation is a group of animals living together but not interacting with each other.

Like a huge flock of birds, or a group of zebras.

These are not societies.

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