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Uncategorized July 22, 2023

Relationship Between Heredity And Behavior

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Relationship Between Heredity And Behavior. All behaviors depend on nerve impulses, hormones, and other physiological factors like sensory receptors.

Therefore genes play a role in the development of behaviors as they direct the development of the nervous system.

Even the capacity to learn is inherited.

Members of species vary in behavior because of variations in genes and these behaviors have survival value in some environments.

One example of such behavior is curiosity, one organism can be more curious than others, and in certain settings, curiosity can be advantageous and can help to survive.

Biological Rhythms

Relationship Between Heredity And Behavior. Biological rhythms are cyclic patterns of physiological changes or changes in daily activities that are in response to periodic environmental changes.

The internal mechanism by which a physiological change occurs and is maintained even in the absence of the apparent environmental stimulus is termed as Biological clock.

The exact nature of the biological clock through which it maintains the changes is not understood.

The circadian rhythms are a 24-hours cycle shown by physiological processes in all organisms.

The circadian rhythm includes body temperature, sleep/wake cycle, hormone secretion, digestion, etc.

When the rhythm is synced with the day or night cycle it is known as diurnal (behavioral activities of daytime).

For example, the animals that are most active in the daytime like pigeons, or honey bees.

Nocturnal (behavioral activities of nighttime.

For example, animals that are active in the nighttime like owls.

But some animals are the busiest during the time of dawn or dusk, which are known as crepuscular animals.

For example, fiddler crab.

Monthly rhythms include the menstrual cycle.

Circannual/Annual rhythm includes bird migration and hibernation of animals.

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