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Uncategorized July 22, 2023

Electric Field Lines

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Electric Field Lines. A visual representation of the it can be obtained by the terms of electric field lines.

This idea was proposed by Micheal Faraday, electric field lines can be thought of as a map that provides information about the direction and strength at various places.

As these lines provide information about the electric force exerted on the charge, they are also known as lines of force.

The number of lines per unit area passing perpendicularly through an area is proportional to the magnitude of an electric field.

When two like changes are placed near each other, their lines of force curve away, but when two unlike charges are placed near each other, their lines of force attract each other.

The field of lines originates from the positive charge and ends on the negative charge.

Here are the properties of electric field lines

  1. These lines originate from positive charges and end on negative charges.
  2. The tangent to a field line at any point gives the direction of the electric field at that point.
  3. The lines are closer where the fields are strong the lines are farther apart where the field is weak.
  4. No lines cross each other because it has only one direction at any point given. If the line cross, it means the electric field could have more than one direction.

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