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Uncategorized June 14, 2023

Diverse World of Joint Types and the Secrets of Joint Injuries

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Diverse World of Joint Types and the Secrets of Joint Injuries. In this blog, we will discuss the types of joints and injuries to them.

There are more types of joints than you think.

And connectivity of these joints by a type of tissue also matters.

So let’s dive into the matter, shall we?


A joint or an articulation is a place where two bones meet with the help of a cartilage or a tissue.

There are three types of joints in total, that are spread throughout our body.

Fibrous joints/immoveable

Two bones are connected with each other by fibrous connective tissue consisting mainly of collagen.

Bones do not have a joint cavity present between them.

The gap may be narrow or wide.

Examples- Suture joint of the skull, shaft regions of form and leg, and socket in the jawbones.

Cartilaginous joints/slightly moveable

These joints are united by cartilage, which is a tough but flexible tissue.

These joints lack a joint cavity, and the bones are joined by either hyaline or fibrocartilage.

Examples- Costal cartilage attaching sternum to ribs, pubic symphysis, and intervertebral discs.

Synovial joints/moveable

These are freely moveable joints that are connected by the synovial membrane and secrete synovial fluid that helps the joints to move and reduce friction.

These include ball and socket joints like- Shoulder and arm, hip, and leg. And hinge joints like- Elbow and knee.

Injuries to joints


A dislocated joint is when the joint slips out of place if forced out of its normal position.

Severe dislocation can cause the tearing of the tissue which the joint is attached with.

Symptoms include swelling, intense pain, and immobility of the affected joint.

And causes include diseases or a defective ligament, rheumatoid arthritis can also cause dislocation of joints.

It can be treated by a trained medical professional or surgery may be needed to repair and tighten the ligaments.


Diverse World of Joint Types and the Secrets of Joint Injuries. Sprain is a ligament injury.

Which is the most common in ankle, knee, and wrist.

Being stretched out of the normal position can cause a sprain.

A sprain should be rested and can be treated by icing and physical therapy.

Dressings, bandages, or ace wraps should be used to immobilize and support the sprain.

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