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Uncategorized October 7, 2023

How To Choose A level subjects in Pakistan – The Complete Guide

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Welcome to the world of A Level studies in Pakistan! A Levels, short for Advanced Levels, are a stepping stone towards a bright future. They’re your ticket to top-notch universities in Pakistan and beyond.

Choosing the right subjects is like picking the right ingredients for a recipe. The better the ingredients, the tastier the dish. Similarly, the right A Level subjects can set you on a path to success.

In Pakistan, A Levels are a popular choice for students aiming for a solid academic foundation. This guide aims to untangle the web of A Level subjects, making your decision a little bit easier. So, let’s dive into the vibrant spectrum of A Level subjects and discover what suits you best!

Understanding A Level Curriculum

A Levels are a bit like a big leap from O Levels or Matriculation. They delve deeper into subjects, giving you a richer understanding. It’s like going from paddling in a shallow pond to swimming in a river.

The A Level journey is divided into two parts: AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2. The AS Level is the first half, where you get to dip your toes into your chosen subjects. It’s a bit lighter, easing you into the A Level pond.

On the other hand, A2 is where things get serious. It’s like the deep end of the pool, where you explore subjects in detail. The grades you earn here, along with those in AS, paint your overall A Level picture, opening doors to universities and careers.

List of A Level Subjects Offered in Pakistan

A Level Compulsory Subjects

  1. English
  2. Global Perspectives (IGCSE)
  3. Islamiyat
  4. Mathematics
  5. Pakistan Studies
  6. Urdu (Second Language)​​

A Levels Optional/Selective Subjects

Students can choose subjects from various groups based on their interests and career goals:

  • Group 1 (Medicine):
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • Group 2 (Pure Sciences):
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
  • Group 3 (Engineering):
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
  • Group 4 (General Sciences):
    • Economics
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
  • Group 5 (Commerce):
    • Accounting
    • Business Studies
    • Economics
    • Mathematics
  • Group 6 (Liberal Arts):
    • Business Studies
    • History
    • Law
    • Literature in English
    • Media Studies
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
  • Group 7 (Cross-listed Subjects):
    • Art & Design
    • Applied Information & Communication Technology
    • Further Mathematics
    • Global Perspectives of Research
    • Government & Politics
    • Thinking Skills
    • Urdu​​

Additional A Level subjects include:

  • Accounting
  • Afrikaans and Afrikaans – Language (AS Level only)
  • Arabic and Arabic – Language (AS Level only)
  • Art & Design
  • New Information Technology
  • Islamic Studies
  • New Japanese Language (AS Level only)
  • Biblical Studies
  • Biology​

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Best A Level Subject Combinations

Choosing the right combination of A Level subjects is crucial as it not only aligns with your academic interests but also lays the foundation for your future career. Here are some of the most chosen A Level subject combinations in Pakistan:

Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

Ideal for aspiring engineers, physicists, and chemists, this trio provides a robust preparation for various engineering fields, physical sciences, and even computer science​.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Often considered a prerequisite for medical school, this combination paves the way for careers in medical or biological sciences fields​.

Business Studies, Economics, and Accounting

A passport to the world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship, this blend equips students with a solid foundation for university programs in business and economics​.

Business Studies, Mathematics, and Economics

This fusion hones critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills, ideal for those eyeing careers in economics, analytics, or actuarial science​.

Law, Sociology, and History

A perfect ensemble for those aspiring to delve into the legal, historical, or societal realms, nurturing a deep understanding of societal constructs and historical narratives​.

Psychology, Sociology, and Literature

For the inquisitive minds intrigued by human behavior, social interactions, and the expressive power of literature, this combination nurtures critical thinking, empathy, and a profound understanding of human nature and society​.

Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics

A powerhouse for those inclined towards technology, this trio opens doors to careers in software development, engineering, data science, or academia​.

Art, Graphic Design, and Media Studies

For the creatively inclined, this blend offers a platform to hone artistic skills, explore digital design, and delve into media analysis.

Environmental Science, Geography, and Biology

Ideal for those passionate about understanding and preserving the natural world, exploring the interaction between humans and the environment​.

Each combination aligns with different career paths, and the right mix will depend on individual interests, academic strengths, and long-term career aspirations

Easiest A Level Subjects in Pakistan

When it comes to choosing A Level subjects, students often seek subjects that are perceived as easier to manage alongside other challenging subjects. It’s essential to note that the ease of a subject can be subjective and depends on an individual’s interest, aptitude, and the quality of teaching and resources available. Here are some subjects often perceived as easier:

  • Sociology
  • Food Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Media Studies
  • Law
  • Art

These subjects are not only considered easier by some but also offer a diverse range of career options post A Levels. For instance, pursuing Law can lead to a legal career, Media Studies can open doors to the media and advertising industry, and Psychology can be the pathway to a career in counseling or clinical psychology.

Scope of Easiest A Level Subjects

The scope of these subjects can vary significantly depending on the higher education and career path a student chooses. Here’s a brief on the scope of some of these subjects:

  • Law: A stepping stone towards a legal career, be it as a lawyer, legal advisor, or a judge.
  • Psychology: Opens pathways to various fields such as counseling, clinical psychology, or human resources.
  • Media Studies: Provides a foundation for careers in journalism, advertising, and digital media.
  • Art: Leads to careers in design, fine arts, or art education.

Choosing subjects that align with personal interests and long-term career goals is crucial. It’s advisable to consult with academic advisors to make informed decisions regarding subject selection for A Levels in Pakistan​.


Stepping into A Levels is a big move. It’s like opening a new chapter full of learning adventures. This guide aimed to ease that step.

Your decisions now can shape your future academic and career paths. So, pick subjects that spark your interest and align with your goals. Here’s to a journey full of discovery and success in your A Levels!

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